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The Best Things To Do In Noida This Weekend

Noida has recently developed as an up and coming party destination of Delhi/NCR. After the inauguration of DLF Mal of India, many Delhiites rushed to Noida to experience whatever Noida was offering. The status quo now is that Noida has some of the must-experience party places in the whole of the city, so much so that even people from the heart of Delhi are considering these party places in Noida for their birthday bashes, corporate parties, anniversary parties, or even simple dinner hang out sessions. Given that the up and coming as well as the renowned party places in Noida like Imperfecto and TGI Fridays are doing their best to offer services that are not only at par with but surpass the quality of service offered elsewhere, in other party places in Delhi/NCR.
In case you are confused as to where to go for your next hangout with your friends or a big birthday party that you are planning for your son/daughter, here is a list of party places in Noida that need to be on your list for this weekend. They are not only high in quality of service but truly leave no stone unturned to make your party a success:

The Good Old Bar

Sometimes, all you need to calm yourself down after a hectic day’s or week’s work is a tall glass of beer or whatever your favourite drink is. There is no place better than a good old bar which has the most exquisite drinks and an ambience welcoming enough to pull you out of your bed during the weekend.

Noida Bar Exchange

Noida Bar Exchange is your quintessential bar done right. The place has a vibe that every bar-lover needs to experience once. This makes it to our list of great bars in Noida not only because of its stunning decor, prompt service, and high-quality drinks but also because this place is highly favoured by its guests who seem to keep coming back for a distinguished experience that Noida Bar Exchange is known to offer. The cuisines served here include North Indian and Italian which are accompanied with the exclusive drinks from the full bar available here. One of the best things about this bar is that it packs all of this punch within a very reasonable, and a rather low budget!


Essentially, bars don’t have a great variety of cuisines on their food menu. The quality is biased towards the drinks and the bar menu. Well, mostly. That was the status quo before Imperfecto stepped into the scenario. This casual dining resto-bar packs a double punch with both great drinks a wide variety of cuisines to choose from. This place attracts both alcohol-lovers and foodies and has a very loyal clientele. The ambience of this bar is much talked about as it is very welcoming, warm, and eccentric. The live sports screening facility available here is an added advantage which makes this place perfect for both your casual hang out sessions with your friends or even bachelor parties in Noida. The cuisines served at Imperfect are Mediterranean, Italian, Continental, Spanish, North Indian, Asian. This is surely one of the most party places in Noida and deserves to be checked out during this weekend.

Treat Yourself to Alfresco Dining

Noida has some of the very best alfresco dining places in the city which are giving the ones at, say, South Delhi, a run for their money. With great food, amazing drinks, and stunning decor teamed with a lovely ambience, these places should definitely make it to your to-do weekend list.

Turquoise Cottage – TC Original 1997

Weekends are the time when you get the opportunity to bond with your family, spend some quality time with them, and revivify yourself to get going for the week again. A great dining and wining experience doesn’t go out of hand, does it? Take your family to Turquoise Cottage – TC Original 1997 for a dining experience that they will remember. The place is beautifully and very delicately decorated which is responsible for the very light and cheerful ambience of this pub-cum-casual dining restaurant. The place only allows 18 guests. The cuisines served at Turquoise Cottage include Continental, American, Italian, and the Mediterranean. You can also order the drinks that you like since this place also has a full bar available. However, one of the main factors why guests keep coming back is the stunning alfresco dining area, which makes it to our list of must-visit outdoor restaurants in Noida.

@ Links – Radisson Blu

For those of you who don’t like to go all casual with their dining, we also have something very luxurious for you. @ Links at Radisson Blue, Noida is a place where all your dine and wine wishes will be fulfilled with elan. This place is known as one of the best outdoor seating restaurants in Noida because it is not just luxurious but packs a punch when it comes to the food, drinks, and the ambience. Signature to any restaurant, lounge, or bar that is located in Radisson Blue hotels, this place has a stunning decor which will leave you impressed at the very first glance. As for food, they specialise in North Indian cuisines and finger Food which is a favourite amongst many. Be it with friends, family, or your partner, you can enjoy your food here in complete privacy and enveloped in a very soothing ambience which will force you to keep coming back to this place. Order drinks from the full bar available here to go with your delicious food. This is luxury dining at its best.

For Those Big Fat Indian Parties

So you have a big family gathering or a reception to host, or it’s it you and your wife’s anniversary party? Whenever your parties involve inviting your “close family”, the guest list somehow always ends up being 2-3 pages long instead of a half one. Don’t worry. These places in Noida are perfect for every big party and will have you covered.

No Objection House

This lounge in Noida is perfect for medium to big group parties. The place has a dozen advantages over your usual lounge and packs a punch in food, drinks, service, hospitality, and ambience. This lounge also doubles up as a gastro-pub which means that not only your heart but also your taste buds will have a treat this weekend. Do you need to impress the guests, don’t you? The outstanding cocktails served here will do the job for you and in such a way that will have your guests talking about it for days.
The cuisines served here include Chinese, Continental, Finger Food, North Indian, Italian which can be complemented with drinks from the full bar available here. The dance floor, live music, live entertainment, and live sports screening is all arranged to keep the entertainment factor sky high so that neither you nor your guests experience any dull moment. No Objection House truly leaves no scope for guests to object to anything!

Grand Royal Nightclub

Once in a while, it is okay to throw your friends a party, just to get them together, which doesn’t usually happen because of everyone’s busy schedules. If you have a birthday party treat pending or just want to meet up with your friends again and dive into some nostalgia, Grand Royal Nightclub will host you like no other place will. There is nothing that is out of hand at this place. Grand Royal Nightclub arranges for all the requirements and facilities which will help in your party going smooth and glitch-free. They serve a wide range of finger foods here which are top notch in quality and in tandem with the top-notch drinks from the bar.
This place is, in general, every party-lovers paradise since it has an expansive dance floor where you can shake a leg and let your hair down, without worrying about the time. Grand Royal Nightclub stays open till 4 in the morning so that time doesn’t constrict the good times you spend with your friends and loved ones.
Instead of wasting any more time, go ahead and get your bookings done and either of these amazing party places in Noida which make for the perfect weekend plan! From dance floors to exquisite drinks, international cuisines to alfresco dining, there is nothing that Noida doesn’t have for you to arrange an amazing party to make the most out of the weekend.
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