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Have You Checked Out These Dance Moves That Work For EVERY Party?

So your dance moves are a little stale and not at par with others. There are always those gifted dancers at a party who just know how to groove to the music right then and there, without any prior practice. However, for some people, it isn’t so easy. You may find it difficult to even end up on the dance floor. But at some parties, everyone dances, no matter how good or bad you are. However, if you feel like you’re lagging behind on that, try these easy dance steps that work for every party. Just a wee bit of prior practice, and you should be good!

1. Start with Sitting Down Movements

This actually means that you get the rhythm grooving within you and get the beats making your hands and legs move and catch the rhythm by itself. You can’t just expect to spring up from your seat and put up a show, especially if your dancing skills are on the poor side. Once you feel the music, it’ll be way easier to groove and move along. Remember, if there are many people and you feel conscious, take it slow. There are no time bombs ticking.
2. A Little Shimmy Here, A Little Shimmy There
Once you start feeling the music and the alcohol starts working, you’ll find yourself at ease. At this point, it’s a good idea to just leave your seat and shimmy along with the song. Nothing big, just a bit of swaying and acclimatizing yourself to the music. This also shows how you aren’t the odd one out at a party, sitting aloof from the crowd and the music. Add some shoulders and the arms, and gradually feel the music flowing within you. When you just sway and have some fun, you can’t really go all that wrong.
3. Don’t Stress It
Jazz hands, a bit of a bop, some swaying- all this is fine. But what you need to remember throughout the time if that you don’t need to stress it. At a party, especially one which has a big crowd, everyone is busy having fun by themselves or with their friends. These simply party dancing steps are only to get your confidence built up so that you don’t look like an outcast in a party. Nobody expects you to put up a show or a dance-off. What you need to remember that if you take it slow and let the music seep in, there are very few things that can go wrong.
4. The Strike
Once the mood has set in, and you feel confident in yourself, it’s time to introduce a few classic yet amazingly simple party dance moves that have saved non-dancers at parties for ages now! The Strike is one such move. Taught by renowned dance instructors, worldwide, The Strike is a very simple yet tough-looking move. Perfect, right?
Here’s how you can ace it:
Start by standing with your feet hip-width apart and your toes straight ahead. Extend both arms out in front of your chest, hands in fists, and stack your right arm on top of your left. Hop on your right foot, bend, turn your left knee in, start lifting your left heel off the floor, and then, bend both arms to about 90 degrees, turning your right hand up to the sky and your left arm turns down.
Come back to the centre with your feet facing forward in hip-width’s distance, and extend both arms back out in front of you at chest height, only this time, your left arm crossing on top. Next, hop onto your left foot, and bend and turn your right knee in, similar to before, bending your left arm at 90 degrees up to the sky, and your right arm at 90 degrees to the ground. Repeat hopping from the centre to the right and then the left.
You can always spice it up by adding a little single, single, double action—whichever feels easy for you.
5. Happy Feet
Grab one of your friends and do the happy feet with them. Since it’s all about rhythm, you can also work on your synchronization while having fun dancing with your friends at the party. Win-win situation!
With your feet together, start with your arms bent at chest level with your right hand holding onto your left wrist. Step your right foot out to the side a little wider than hip width and lean into it while you release your wrist and pull your elbows behind you at shoulder height, make sure you keep them bent about 90 degrees all the while.
Step your right foot back to your left as you bring your arms in and clasp your left wrist with your right hand again. Next, step your left foot out to the side and lean into it while you raise your arms overhead, right hand still clasping the wrist. Continue alternating the sides for a good flow move.
6. The Hopscotch
If you have always been called a non-dancer, it’s time to put all those people to shame. The Hopscotch will show your shamers that showing up your skills wasn’t a great idea.
With your feet together, both arms bent in towards your body, start easy. Put your hands in fists and pull them in by your chin. Tap your right foot in front of you, crossing it a little in front of your left foot, and pull your arms to the right while keeping them bent. Now, tap your right foot behind you, taking it a little behind your left leg, pull your arms to the left. Then bring both feet together and do three hops in a circle, ensuring that you stay on the balls of your feet while turning around your right shoulder all the way back to face front. Repeat the sequence again to the left.
7. Dance Like No One’s Watching
Lastly, when you have quenched your vodka thirst, let go of your friend and go solo. By now, with all those killer steps up your sleeves, you should feel confident enough and dance away to your heart’s content. Add some swag and some sass, and you’ll be good to go. Dance like no is watching!  Alternatively, you can also mellow it down at a point where you feel comfortable and at the edge of your comfort zone. There’s always a next time.
If you have ever found yourself at the middle of the party, clueless, with everyone else dancing their heart away, you will relate to this post on a different level! Try these simple but fun dance party moves that are sure to be a winner at any party you go to!
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