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Corporate Get-together Party of Skilrock at 21 Shots, Gurgaon

Corporate parties require glitch-free planning and it is always on top of their requirement list when they host one. Brilliant service, spacious interior, a relaxed yet lively vibe, attractive decor, great food, and equally great beverages are things that cannot be compromised when hosting a corporate party. And for that, no ordinary venue will do.

Shots 21, located at Sector 29, Gurgaon is a casual dining resto-bar and lounge, and is perfect to host parties, given its unique vibe and warmth. The place serves a variety of North Indian, Chinese, and Continental dishes along with an array of drinks and spirits to choose from.

You will never run out of options for food to munch on and exciting beverages, no matter what your poison is. It has an awesome ambiance with a modern and comfortable seating area. The additional feature is the Live music performances hosted there, making it perfects for parties and celebrations. The place offers an affordable menu and a great overall experience. Th…

How to Treat a Hangover! +9 Effective Home Remedies

For people multiple parties to attend or have attended so in the past, they are not new to hangovers. The amount of fun you had the previous night is directly proportional to how bad your hangover is. Pounding headache, the queasiness, the dizziness, the sensitivity to light and sound, the muscle aches and the irritability that comes from over consumption of alcoholic beverages are a few symptoms of a hangover. The best way to prevent a hangover is, of course, drinking in moderation or refraining altogether from alcohol consumption. But keeping yourself well-hydrated and well-nourished when you’re drinking can also go a long way in minimizing the hangover symptoms.
Even though the best cure for a hangover is time, people ignore prevention and don’t have “time” for the cure. If you have to attend parties consecutively for a number of days, you’re in great trouble if you don’t know to treat it. Natural Home Remedy for A Hangover Try these simple yet effective ways to treat hangover easi…

Clubbing vs House Party: Which One Do You Prefer?

Most of us have been a part of both house party and parties at clubs. While everyone’s definition of ‘fun’ and ‘partying’ differs, people tend to enjoy house parties a little more than clubbing. Having said that, let’s not forget all those days of being a college student. You couldn’t wait to get to college and use that clever fake ID to get into the clubs. A few years later, you’re probably craving for a little quieter and having fun with the people you know and have been friends with.

There has always been a debate over which party is more fun, a house party or going clubbing. In today’s fast-paced world, nightlife has almost become a part of our daily lives. A day without a party, without boozing, is boring. However, the dilemma remains: House party or clubbing?
Let us give you a few reasons for and against both house parties and clubbing so that you can take the call for yourself:
1. Host (and friends) At Clubs, even though you might go with a few friends, you find yourself in an un…

10 Most Smashing Christmas Party Venues in Delhi NCR

Winter ushers in the holiday season and with that come the very exciting Christmas! Every city in the country is adorned with lights and everyone is in a mood to make merry. And this is also the time when Delhi arranges the most happening parties of the year! Christmas Eve is a time when clubs, pubs, and restaurants offer great deals for their guests to come and have a great time.So, what are you waiting for? Check out these super-amazing venues for the best Christmas party places in Delhi. 1. Bronx The newest entry in the city as a brew bar, Bronx has an amazing three-floor brewery with a rooftop seating which will take your breath away. Rejoice with your friends at the happiest time of the year. You can enjoy their freshly-brewed beer, something they are known for. Bronx has quickly made a name amongst youngsters who enjoy beautiful rooftop parties in Delhi. The place also serves a delicious mix of Continental, Chinese, North Indian, and Mexican dishes which are made with utmost ca…

10 Unique Gurgaon Rooftop Venues for Corporate Events

Some people prefer indoor seating, some prefer to have it outdoors. Outdoor seating in restaurants and bars have their own charm and add to the life of the party. While the Gurgaon offers wide ranges in terms of outdoor space, a rooftop venues can provide an ideal escape for meeting planners looking to “wow” their group with an evening event. Following are such venues which are amongst the best rooftop seating venues in Gurgaon. These venues are perfect for corporate parties.

1. Molecule Air Bar

This open-air bar is known for its freshly brewed beer, the peaceful outdoor seating and its lounge. All these facilities are perfect for hosting a corporate party in Gurgaon. The lounge and bar have a variety of drinks at affordable prices. It also serves North Indian, Italian, Chinese, and Continental cuisines. Molecule Air Bar has a wonderful ambience where guests are sure to enjoy a lot. Guests can host their corporate parties here and enjoy the drinks, great food, and the lively ambience. …

Top 5 Corporate Party Games to Keep Things Interesting

Whether it’s Employee Appreciation Day, a Halloween spooktacular, or the annual holiday rager, throwing the perfect office party is a lot of pressure. Not only do you have to provide something for everyone, your idea needs to be new and different. Your co-workers don’t want the same old work party year after year, and staying one step ahead of their expectations is a major challenge. An office party is an occasion that doesn’t make many people excited. That’s because these parties usually lack those interesting elements that make an event enjoyable or memorable. Most workers usually don’t know people outside their branches or departments. They simply try to get through the event and leave the premises as soon as acceptable. We have put a few corporate party games together that your employees would love to be a part of. Use these gaming ideas to give an exciting touch to your corporate party. Don’t forget, most games are more fun if there’s some sort of reward involved. 1. Escape Room …

Here’s The Perfect Valentine’s Week Plan That You Wouldn’t Want To Miss!

Who says you need only one week to express your love for your partner? Of course, you don’t. But, Valentine’s Day and the very week itself is a celebration of that love where you exchange gifts and spend some more quality time with each other. That won’t hurt, would it? we know how important it is in today’s busy times to spare some time for your partner and spend it with each other.
Valentine’s week is all about that. Not only is love in the air, it also encapsulates you and leaves you with a bittersweet feeling after Feb 14th. You can still continue to show your love to your partner in innumerable ways, but you can also make these days leading up to the 14th of February count. Here’s how you can celebrate each day of Valentine’s week and make the memories last for a lifetime. Rose Day Let the beauty and grace of these lovely red roses which have, since time immemorial signified all things love, express your passion and love for your partner. And no, it is not a hard and fast rule tha…

Have You Checked Out These Dance Moves That Work For EVERY Party?

So your dance moves are a little stale and not at par with others. There are always those gifted dancers at a party who just know how to groove to the music right then and there, without any prior practice. However, for some people, it isn’t so easy. You may find it difficult to even end up on the dance floor. But at some parties, everyone dances, no matter how good or bad you are. However, if you feel like you’re lagging behind on that, try these easy dance steps that work for every party. Just a wee bit of prior practice, and you should be good!

1. Start with Sitting Down Movements

This actually means that you get the rhythm grooving within you and get the beats making your hands and legs move and catch the rhythm by itself. You can’t just expect to spring up from your seat and put up a show, especially if your dancing skills are on the poor side. Once you feel the music, it’ll be way easier to groove and move along. Remember, if there are many people and you feel conscious, take it s…